Freelance web designer and developer

Hi, I'm George a Sydney based Freelancer. I've worked with a wide range of companies, from local shops to large corporations, and boutique design firms to global ad agencies. My focus is to create unforgettable digital experiences.

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What I do

My background and training is in development, so my main objective is to make a functional website that looks beautiful, works and is optimised for best performance. When it’s time to build, I can integrate the design into WordPress, Shopify, Magento or custom build depending on your needs and budget.

Overall, I prefer to work on full redesigns and/or rebuilds for websites. It’s with these kinds of projects I can really provide the most value and quality.

I have access to a large network of partners including some incredible copywriters, photographers, and branding specialists so I can scale up or down any project based on needs.

  • Web & App Design

    If you’re looking for creative ideas and impactful design, I've got it covered. Taking into consideration the latest web and app design trends and techniques.

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  • Development

    I create responsive websites to the highest standards with maximum attention to detail to allow for the best user experience. I focus on optimising all aspects of every site that I build to ensure your site is error free and can rank better for SEO purposes.

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  • Marketing

    A responsive website is only the beginning. I specialise in getting your website completed and then ranking on Google through Search Engine optimisation and other online advertising. Take advantage of my skills in social media and SEO. I also have an extensive network including fantastic copywriters and more...

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  • Support

    I offer a number of support services to allow you to focus on the important things in your business. Being a freelancer, I am able to respond and get onto urgent tasks fairly quickly.

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